The Good Looks EP

by S. Walcott

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Our first recorded EP.


released May 25, 2013

Johnny Donnelly: vocals and guitar
Paul Sayour: guitar
Willie Grear: keyboards
Rory Maynard-Dean: bass
Luke Graham: drums

Thanks a ton to Ben Taylor for contributing his time and talents to record and produce this thing.




S. Walcott Rhode Island

A band from South Kingstown, Rhode Island.
Johnny Donnelly (vocals/guitar)
Paul Sayour
Rory Maynard-Dean (bass)
Luke Graham (drums)
Willie Grear (trumpet/piano)

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Track Name: Antics

the light turns red and off we go never been ones to go with the flow
i guess our choices are wrong you know we're told to study hard work and we're like whoa
everybody relax take a breather please we're slackers we know not gonna disagree
goofing off and sarcasm are our expertise
wrapped up with right now can't see wood for the trees
But with all our antics its a bit of a challenge with homework papers tests to try and find the balance
put to much in you overflow the gallon we prefer to play and sleep cause we're rapscallions
Track Name: Seconds

So now im lost in a sea of something bigger than me
i guess im stuck in the summer though its just 20 degrees
cause it was days before the haze that was set in your ways
was set ablaze when i caught you with your eyebrows raised
so now enlighten me please get me out of the dark
how can i keep up with you when you are so quick off your mark
cause ill let you sing your song and ill keep going along
so just stop splittin my hairs and come tell me whats wrong

Oh i was done with my hands on my laces and my shoes on the run
but i can wave off these feelings get them out of the air s
o just tell me where youre going and im already there


Now i got nothin to do so im rushing through the blue
trying to get past your taboo you payed a lip service to
and my head is past the time when my thoughts were sublime
so my mouth just spit it out and laid it all on the line
i look at it in black and white in the dead of the night
im on the mend because i always tend to overexcite
and ive been cast out of the way of that blueish green gaze
but ill be right back in it in a couple of days


oh i go back to my dreams from a while ago
and heyy ill dive right into your soul and blow the cobwebs away
ohhh i remember my dreams from a second ago
heyy im exploding already so just fire away